Franks Bar

Franks Bar is a fantastic cafe-bar in the centre of Norwich. They have hosted numerous exhibitions for Norwich Pride including Sonalle’s “Ethnic Minorities and Coming Out” in 2011 and Eloise’s “Queens and Cakes” in 2011. Their website is

Franks Bar with Marty JayFranks bar Queens and Cakes opening with Pequlia Biggtopp

Norwich Arts Centre

Norwich Arts Centre is a small, independently run Arts venue close to the centre of Norwich. They have hosted live music and cabaret events for Norwich Pride as well as art exhibitions including OUT140 in 2010.

NNUH hospital in Norwich

2013 LGBT history month hosted Eloise O’Hare’s Queens history society portraits of Drag Queens, that were shown at last years Norwich Pride arts trail at Franks bar in Norwich. The 12 pieces were put  a long the first floor corridor. Take a tour of the website and click on the images to get around.

Dame Edna by Eloise O'Hare 2012

Queens history society

Greenhouse Trust

The Greenhouse Trust  is an ethical vegan cafe and shop that hosts the Queer art club meetings once a month on the 26th of each month at around 2.30pm unless its a monday and it will at another venue. For many years the Greenhouse Trust has hosted art exhibitions for the Norwich Pride arts trail. Hosting last year Everyone is different poetry by Vince Laws and painting by Alexandra Blythe. The Trust also made tasty vegan food for Norwich pride. Also holding the LGBT book shop. Helped out with printing of arts trail maps and this year is taking a big part in Norwich Pride 5th year. As part of the Queer arts club and the Queer art membership  art work can be left with Tigger at the Greenhouse Trust. Here is a link





Sinsins love store

Sinsins love store not only has a shop with lots of sexy sex toys. The shop also hold art exhibitions. every year Sinsin’s has joined in the fun at Norwich Pride and held an exhibition work can be in the window or on the ceiling. Dugald Ferguson showed his amazing willy portraits last year on the ceiling and the year before made some fantastic model houses. and Dugald’s work can be found


St. Margarets church of art

Every year St.Margarets church of art holds a group exhibition called “Pride without prejudice” the show is on around the time of Norwich Pride and always a full house of artists. Get in early to be a part of the Norwich Pride arts trail exhibition. All levels are welcome and early birds get a cheaper exhibition space. The space is run as a collective so everyone volunteers some time to look after the show. St. Margarets runs all year round with many exhibitions that artists can take part in. Call in check out whats on and see for yourself. Its an amazing old church with original paintings and stained glass windows. Based in the heart of Norwich’s cool trendy area on St. Benedicts.


LoftNR1 is a norwich LGBT nightclub that has been around for centuries. Very close to Norwich train station and near to town Rose lane, Norwich. The heart of the clubbing area of Norwich. Last year LoftNR1 held an alternative fancy dress party hosted by the Norwich Dandies on the night of Norwich Pride. A big line of lots of local talented artists, film makers, performers, musicians and Dj’s from 5pm by midnight the club brought in talented Dj from London and was pumping till 7am. The club has various acts, talents and evenings all year round.


Norwich Studio Art Gallery

Norwich Studio Art Gallery was established in 2005 by
Christopher Gooding and artist Gena Ivanov.
The gallery specialises in contemporary and modern fine art
with a specialism in Eastern European arts and crafts.

The Studio gallery takes part in Norwich Pride every year, last year showing Gena Ivanov’s paintings and in the past has hosted the Norwich Dandies. The gallery is very small but manages to hold a lot of art work. It has an amazing window packed with art too. Openings are great fun and spill out onto the street. The gallery is in Upper St. Giles one of Norwichs fine areas and the street is famous for holding street partys for christmas and many special occasions.



The Tea lounge

The Tea lounge has hosted many exhibitions for Norwich Pride, as well as Tea partys, Bingo, meetings etc. They also make all the cakes for Pride functions. The Tea lounge holds exhibitions all year round and usually has a curator who organises the shows. Last year the Tea lounge had a photographic exhibition of vegetables from an garden from Wells-next-to-sea called Trish le Gal. Trish also held a talk there called Garden with Pride as part of the Pride art school workshops.




House cafe

House cafe is on St. Benedicts across the road from St. Margarets Church of art. Every year the cafe joins in the Norwich Pride arts trail and holds and an art exhibition. Last year was Jonathan Cook’s exhibition of oil paintings called Treacle T-art. The cafe has yummy cakes and coffees and has exhibitions all year round.

house cafe cake

 The Bicycle shop

The bike shop in Norwich is a cafe/bar that holds lots of different performance events all year round. Last year they held the L-word, a lesbian poetry open mike night hosted by Poet Trudy Howson.


Marzanos cafe/bar is at the Forum in Norwich and holds music/performance after the main stage on Pride day such as the Neutrinos, CN lester, Kimberly Moore and many other performers. Also Marzanos has an exhibition as part of Norwich Pride. Last year Ann Nicholl’s had her first solo colourful photography exhibition of previous years Pride photos. and have a look at Ann Nicholls photo journal each day she posts a new photo. I have clicked back to her opening 2012 at Marzanos

Marzanos can be booked for art exhibitions and if you can play the piano there is grand one in the corner, celebratie pianists like Samyoung Foulger have once twinkled the keys and filled the air with creative tunes.



Fusion at the Forum

Fusion at the Forum is a large room for screen films and holding events. Every year Fusion takes part in Norwich Pride. Last year the first Norwich Pride film festival was held there. The room had 5 screens then and was great for having subtitles, signers and holding several films at once. Fusion also held a multi media play called Torrants of Rapture by Dugald Ferguson, which had films, animation and a live play with nudity. The audience sat on box seats in a semi circle, which gives a casual ambiance. I have heard the fusion is cutting back on a few of the screens.

Norwich_Pride_film_festival_2012_900_EloiseOHare_left_side_view Norwich_Pride_film_festival_2012_900_EloiseOHare_Misohaha_puppet